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Where Can I Find a New York Dental Lab with Captek Crowns?

April 15, 2017

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Our dental lab in New York offers natural looking dental crowns and bridges. When you think of dentistry today, you may not realize how far we’ve come. In the past, you may have had to walk around with a painful tooth until it rotted and fell out—or even worse—have some untrained baker/barber/local dentist pull your tooth without the help of pain medication or sedation. For the lucky, there were some restorative options available like crowns made of gold for the Etruscans around 700 B.C.

Now today, Yes! Dental Laboratory, Inc. combines modern technology and the use of gold as well to create great biocompatible dental crowns and bridges. The next time a patient has a fractured or decayed tooth, look to your dependable dental lab in New York to provide the custom, advanced dental restorations you need.


Advantages of Thin Veneers from Your Dental Lab in New York

March 2, 2017

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Benefit from thinner veneers from our dental lab in New York.Research shows that roughly one-third of adults are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Now, new advancements in dentistry allow you to easily enhance the beauty of your smile with cosmetic dental procedures. Among the most preferred cosmetic procedures involves veneers. In the past, a large amount of enamel had to be removed to attach them to the teeth. Due to new advancements, we can create thinner veneers to make the procedure minimally invasive without compromising the results. At our dental lab in New York, we create thin veneers that are 0.3mm thick.

Your Dental Lab in New York for Valplast Flexible Partials

February 9, 2017

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Dental lab in New York for Valplast.If you see a patient that has a partial denture, you know there is a certain level of discomfort due to the rigidness of the device. Now, you can offer your patients added comfort with a more flexible solution. At Yes! Dental Laboratory, we are a dental lab in New York that offers the latest advancements in dental prosthesis. We proudly offer our patients Valplast, a flexible partial that is comfortable, functional, and looks amazing. Often considered to be the most comfortable solution for partials, you gain many additional benefits that just are not available with other options.

Veneers: To Prep or Not?

October 30, 2014

Believe it or not, that is the question.  In fact, that is the question we are most often asked in the lab.  Both patients and dentists want to believe in the virtues of being able to provide “instant orthodontics” without touching natural teeth.  Preserving natural tooth structure should always be a guiding principle.  However, we must remember the reason patients are interested in veneers in the first place.
In the case featured in these photos, Dr. Gary Radz (Littleton, CO) and YES! Dental Laboratory worked together to create a beautiful, new smile.  Technically, this is not a no-prep case.  However, it is a case where the right materials were matched with the right techniques to achieve amazing results.
With esthetics as the primary objective, there are some important factors to consider in determining whether or not prepping is required.
1) Occlusal Pattern:  End-to-end bites are an immediate contraindication for veneers — prep or no prep.  The risk of fracture is just too high — regardless of material thickness, available bonding materials and almost anything else.  It is just not worth risking the long-term viability of a case where the bite is a concern.  In these cases, your best option is full contour crowns.  All ceramic restorations may be indicated, but veneers are almost always contraindicated.
2) Underlying Tooth Structure:  Dark, discolored teeth can be challenging to cover — especially with ultra-thin veneers.  New materials such as IPS e.max are quite effective at blocking-out underlying tooth structure while still allowing us to layer-in translucency.  However, each case is different.  In general, dark or variations in underlying tooth shading require additional preparation.
3) Mixing Crowns & Veneers:  In situations where a combination of crowns and veneers are required, minimal prep veneers are contraindicated.  It is very important to match materials across the entire smile, and even different types of metal-free restorations can result in subtle (but noticeable) variations in shading and translucency.  In these situations, it is best to utilize a pressed all-ceramic restoration that can be used for both veneers and full contour crowns.
At YES! Dental Laboratory, we are honored to be able to complete amazing cases with leading clinicians such as Dr. Gary Radz.  Every client and every case is important to us, and we look forward to helping you evaluate the best materials and prep strategy for your next veneer case — whether is requires minimal preparation or not.  


Full Zirconia Crowns at Yes! Dental Lab

February 14, 2014

WOW!  The world has changed.  Less than 10 years ago, more than 70% of all dental restorations were porcelain fused to metal.  As we start 2014, this figure has flipped.  At Yes! Dental Laboratory, more than 70% of the teeth we create this year will be completely metal-free.  And, full zirconia crowns are leading the way.  In fact, YES! was the first dental laboratory in the United States to begin fabricating our own full zirconia restorations utilizing the Amann Girrbach Ceramill CAD/CAM System
We reviewed and tested many systems, and Ceramill offers an unmatched combination of strength, accuracy, fit and aesthetics.  Its German engineering is based on years of testing, and it is one of the few machines capable of both wet and dry milling.  In addition, zirconia is a low-cost, predictable material that is 100% biocompatible. 
By making this significant investment in the latest technology, Lawrence Johnson and Evan Krouse have given YES! a huge competitive advantage.  Less than 10% of all dental laboratories in the United States scan, design, and mill their own full zirconia restorations.  YES! is proud to be one of these elite labs.  This provides our customers with more control, lower costs and faster turnaround times.   There is no middle man, and there are no excuses.
In reality, this commitment is just an extension of the core philosophy that has helped YES! attracts some of the finest clinicians from across the United States as long-term customers.  We believe personal relationships are at the core of our success, and we want to do everything we can to help your practice win.  This commitment includes our team of technical experts that are always here to answer your case design, preparation, cementation and adjustment questions.

To learn more about the unique benefits of full zirconia restorations from YES! Dental Laboratory, please send us an email at EvanK@yesdentallab.comor give us a call at (914) 333-7550.  It is safe to say the time has come to get the metal out of and to welcome full zirconia into your practice.

PFM Restoration at Yes! Dental Lab

December 10, 2013

Like everything in life, materials take on a fair amount of wear and tear, and your teeth are no different, especially when it comes to crowns. The reason why PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns are so popular is because you get the strength of the metal with the natural look of the porcelain tooth-resembling veneer. You get the best of both worlds! Unfortunately, there will come a time when your PFM crowns will need to be restored, and our team at Yes! Dental Lab makes it happen with precision and success.
                Because Lawrence Johnson, a nationwide respected implant technician, has established one of the finest crown and bridge departments in the country, there is no doubt you will be in excellent hands. At Yes! Dental Lab, we start restoring your PFM crown by pouring your impressions into Noritake Super Rock die stone. Using only Argen alloys, your restored crown is made of only the finest materials. We then attach a thin piece of porcelain, making your restored PFM crown appear as natural as ever.
                At Yes! Dental Lab, we pride ourselves in making sure your restored PFM is as well-fitting and strong as it was from day one. Having an extremely skilled team and the highest of technology, we do everything in our power to make sure that you are satisfied with your smile. So if your PFM crowns are in need of restorations, put your fears to rest, and trust Yes! Dental Lab and we will not disappoint.


                At YES! Dental Lab, we provide dental restorations for dentists across the nation. Contact our New York based dental lab today to learn more about our products and services. We also offer FedEx and Local pickup and delivery, as well as downloadable prescription forms.

CoLaborate with YES! and Atlantis Implants

December 6, 2013

For years, leading clinicians from throughout the United States have relied on Lawrence Johnson and our team of implant experts at YES!.  Now, we are able to combine this expertise with the latest CAD/CAM technologies.  Why does this matter?
Plain and simple… It provides a better, more esthetic solution for your patients.
Traditionally, Lawrence had to use milling machines and hand pieces to modify prefabricated abutments.  We were able to handle cases with tough placements and difficult paths of insertion.  However, they were designed to make the best of a tough situation.
Now, Lawrence is able to integrate his expertise with CAD software to design the custom abutment from the tissue up.  This file is transferred to the milling center where an exact replica is fabricated.  It enables us to offer titanium, gold-shaded titanium and zirconia abutments with exceptional fits and proper emergence profiles.  And, this technology can be used for single abutments, multiple abutment cases and ISUS Custom Milled Bars.


If you would like to learn more about how the CoLaborate Program from YES! can benefit your practice, please send us an email or give us a call at 888-937-1080.

YES! Dental Laboratory Gets New iTero Scanner!

November 26, 2013

                There is a new arrival at Yes! Dental Lab, and we are all excited about it! Our lab has received an iTero scanner, a revolutionary piece of machinery that is changing the face of dentistry.  The iTero scanner allows us to produce 3D images and impressions of your teeth and bite, eliminating the need for powder application.
                The iTero scanner also offers a more of a chair side experience with you and our team, making the visit more personal than ever. And if you are in a rush, no worries, the iTero scanner makes your visits quicker and more efficient, and, in the long run, saving you money!
                If you are in the need for braces and considering Invisalign, this machine helps more than you know! The iTero scannerhas seven times fewer aligner fit issues, erasing the need for you to have to come back to your dentist to have more accurate impressions made.
                The wand used to scan your teeth fits easily and comfortably in your mouth, making the days of gagging a thing of the past. Winning the 2011 Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award and Dentistry Today 2011 Top 50 Technology Products, there is no doubt the iTero scannernot only benefits the dentist, but benefits the most important part of their practice, you!


                At YES! Dental Lab, we provide dental restorations for dentists across the nation. Contact our New York based dental lab today to learn more about our products and services. We also offer FedEx and Local pickup and delivery, as well as downloadable prescription forms.

High-Quality Removable Restorations from Irving Maldonado

October 18, 2013

We know that many dentists are left dissatisfied with the quality of the dentures and other removable restorations they have made for their patients. Here at YES! Dental Lab we strive to achieve a higher level of quality with the products that we provide.
Our Master Dental Technician Irving Maldonado has over 35 years of experience crafting quality dentures and removable restorations. This level of skill and quality is unsurpassed by other dental labs. With his attention to detail and skill at his craft, both you and your clients will be satisfied with the results.
We will craft natural looking restorations that will satisfy both you and your patients. With both composite and porcelain materials available, we can create the right denturesand removable restorations for your patient. They’ll fit comfortably and function well, helping to restore function and appearance. We understand the importance of a well-fitting restoration and strive to always exceed expectations.
If you’re looking for a lab that crafts quality removable restorations, we could be the right choice for you. We provide a high level of quality from our American-based dental lab. Please give us a call today to learn more about our services. We’re looking forward to working with you.
At YES! Dental Lab, we provide dental restorations for dentists across the nation. Contact our New York based dental lab today to learn more about our products and services. We also offer FedEx and local pickup and delivery, as well as downloadable prescription forms.

YES! Dental Lab Offers a Shade Matching Room for Quality Restorations

October 11, 2013

One of the questions we hear frequently at YES! Dental Lab from the dentists we work with is how to ensure that the restorations will be the correct shade and blend in with the patient’s smile. We offer a shade roomso that our dentists can see the shade options and select a color with confidence.

We are an American dental lab providing restorations for American dentists and their clients. One of the numerous advantages of using our lab is having access to our shade room. This gives you access to the full range of colors that we can create. You can select the right one to match your patient’s smile, ensuring a successful restoration. We also offer custom staining to ensure that the desired results are achieved.
This is a major advantage that our lab provides because the shade room ensures that you will always be able to provide your patients with a restoration that will blend seamlessly into their smile. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality restorations that are always satisfying. If you’re interested in learning more about our shade room and the restorations we provide, give us a call today.
At YES! Dental Lab, we provide dental restorations for dentists across the nation. Contact our New York based dental lab today to learn more about our products and services. We also offer FedEx and local pickup and delivery, as well as downloadable prescription forms.
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