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Full Gold Crown Restorations

August 23, 2013

If you need a crown to restore your tooth, you have several different materials to choose from. Porcelain is a popular choice because it resembles your other teeth, resulting in a seamless smile. You may have thought they were a thing of the past, but many people today are still getting full gold crown restorations. Here at YES! Dental Lab, we produce these restorations for dentists across the country.
Many people choose gold crowns because they like the strength this metal provides. This is a particularly good choice of material for the back teeth since they undergo stresses from chewing. Also, sometimes people request a gold crown because they like the look of this restoration. If you have a gold crown, you’re not alone. Today, many celebrities such as Ben Affleck are sporting gold crowns as well
Full gold crowns are another way to restore the health of damaged and decayed teeth. At our dental lab we produce this type of restoration for dentists across the country to help patients have healthy smiles. If you like the gold appearance, this restoration could be a good choice for you. It’s stronger and causes less wear to your adjoining teeth than other restorations. Ask your dentist about full gold crowns and if they’re right for your smile.
At YES! Dental Lab, we provide dental restorations for dentists across the nation. Contact our New York based dental lab today to learn more about our products and services. We also offer FedEx and local pickup and delivery, as well as downloadable prescription forms.

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