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Lab Milled Crown Restorations from YES! Dental Lab

August 30, 2013

A common type of dental restoration that we produce in our dental lab is crowns. Crowns are caps for the teeth that cover over a tooth that has been affected by damage or decay to help restore the strength of the tooth. Here at YES! Dental Lab, these restorations are milled right here in our lab. You can trust that we’re performing all the work right here in America and not outsourcing it to overseas companies.
Some of the crown options that we mill onsite include zirconia restorations, e.max restorations, and other esthetic options. Your dentist will choose the right material for your smile based on the amount of damage to your tooth, the location of the tooth, and your other unique smile factors. Zirconia restorations use zirconia instead of metal because it is stronger and has none of the drawbacks of metal restorations. e.max restorations are a special kind of crown that can be made from either zirconia or porcelain and result in a stronger restoration than traditional porcelain crowns. We also offer a variety of other different types of porcelain and quality metal restorations to meet the needs of all patients.
If you’re getting a crown restoration, your dentist will contact a dental lab such as ourselves to mill the restoration. We offer zirconia, e.max and other esthetic restorations to help restore the health of your tooth that are all milled on site. Crowns are a common yet important restorative and cosmetic dental procedure.
At YES! Dental Lab, we provide dental restorations for dentists across the nation. Contact our New York based dental lab today to learn more about our products and services. We also offer FedEx and local pickup and delivery, as well as downloadable prescription forms.

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