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Where Can I Find a New York Dental Lab with Captek Crowns?

April 15, 2017

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Our dental lab in New York offers natural looking dental crowns and bridges. When you think of dentistry today, you may not realize how far we’ve come. In the past, you may have had to walk around with a painful tooth until it rotted and fell out—or even worse—have some untrained baker/barber/local dentist pull your tooth without the help of pain medication or sedation. For the lucky, there were some restorative options available like crowns made of gold for the Etruscans around 700 B.C.

Now today, Yes! Dental Laboratory, Inc. combines modern technology and the use of gold as well to create great biocompatible dental crowns and bridges. The next time a patient has a fractured or decayed tooth, look to your dependable dental lab in New York to provide the custom, advanced dental restorations you need.

Aesthetics Become the Cornerstone of Dental Care

Patients used to have to settle for what dental practices had to offer when they needed their teeth to be restored. Typically this could be porcelain fused to metal restorations, fully metallic restorations, or fully gold restorations. As expected, patients began longing for more aesthetically pleasing dental restorations. Instead of viewing their “new and improved smile” and being elated, many became disappointed with the fact that their restoration stood out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of their natural teeth.

Understanding Captek Technology

Captek technology was developed by a prosthodontist and dental technician because they wished to provide their patients with the best available dental crowns and bridges on the market. After reviewing the market, they were unsatisfied and developed this advanced system that creates dental crowns and bridges from a unique metal gold composite that creates an aesthetically pleasing, healthy, strong, and long-lasting dental restoration.

Benefits of Captek Technology for Both Dentists and Patients

As a dental professional, your goal is to always provide the best dental care your practice possibly can. Both you and your patients will experience the positive aspects of trusting Yes! Dental Lab and Captek technology with your patient’s restorations:


Captek dental crowns and bridges have a predictable result of a gold, yellow-orange color. The gold color provides the most natural looking color as the background for the dental porcelain that lays on top of it. Because the mixture it’s created from, Captek will not produce oxides. This means that your patients will be able to experience a dental restoration without worrying about bodily reactions, discoloring, or dark gingival lines.

Improved Gum Health

The gumline is not only left unaffected by Captek restorations, but it has a positive effect. Studies have shown that patients who retain a Captek restoration hold much less dental bacteria and plaque buildup around their restoration compared to other natural teeth. These precious materials don’t cause a reaction to the oral environment and make it harder for dental debris to stick to them.

Long-Lasting to Wear and Tear

Teeth undergo lots of wear and tear each day—some that may damage a fragile, unprotected porcelain dental restoration. Captek protects its porcelain by absorbing vibrations with its inner and outer layers of 97% gold and 3% silver. These metals are highly elastic and resilient, absorbing shock vibrations that travel through the outer layer of porcelain. You can confidently advise patients of their long-lasting dental restorations without worrying if their habits are going to damage their dental work.

Other Benefits

Besides those three main benefits of Captek dental technology, there are a few more. Here are a few more reasons you should trust Yes! Dental Lab to create your office’s dental restorations:

  • We’re able to create a beautiful aesthetic crown on any
  • Due to the high gold content, Captek has proven to repel dental bacteria.
  • The yellow color of the coping and capillary effect allows light to be reflected creating a very natural looking crown.
  • Also, with Captek nano we can still do gold collars, veneer designs, and metal stops.
  • We offer flat fee pricing for porcelain fused to gold restorations.
  • There are many knock-off Captek dental labs, WE REALLY PROVIDE CAPTEK TECHNOLOGY.


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