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Custom Shades from Yes! Dental Lab in New York

July 8, 2017

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Custom Shades from Yes! Dental Lab in New YorkDo you have patients that want a crown, bridge or denture that closely matches their natural dentition? No, of course not. Patients want restorations to match exactly. This way, their smile looks not only natural, but beautiful, as well. With this in mind, Yes! Dental Lab in New York offer custom shades.

Custom Smiles with Custom Shades

Mother Nature is difficult to replicate. That’s why exactly matching a patient’s tooth shade takes experience and a professional eye. At Yes! Dental Lab, we are proud to offer an in-lab, shade-taking service. One of our ceramists will be glad to meet with a patient in order to ensure the restoration we deliver is the shade that exactly matches existing dentition.

By combining the latest in technology with experience and ability, we are able to match even the most difficult of shades and we can evaluate restoration selection as part of this process.

In-Office Shade Choice Tips

If you or a member of your dental team is gauging the shade for a restoration, then Yes! Dental Lab has some helpful tips. Consider the following and feel free to call us if you have any further concerns or if you have a hard-to-match case.

Our shade taking tips are:

  • Speak to your patient first about his or her expectations of the finished restoration.
  • Because hydration can affect the color of teeth, choose the shade before doing any tooth prep or taking impressions.
  • Ask the patient to remove any lipstick.
  • Place a neutral bib—white, light blue or gray—on the patient.
  • Choose shade in a room with ambient light, preferably one with a window.
  • Hold shade guide close to the patient’s mouth and visually scan all of the tabs.
  • Don’t look at any one tab for too long or slight differences will disappear and every shade will start to look like a match.
  • If the patient has had their teeth whitened, wait at least two weeks for the color to stabilize before choosing a shade.
  • Be sure to let us know if the tooth in question has had a root canal or if there is any dark underlying structure.

With care and precision, achieving the perfect shade is certainly possible. Call Yes! Dental Lab in New York if you have any questions or concerns. We’ll be glad to help.


About the Lab

Yes! Dental Lab is a full-service lab located in Tarrytown, NY. We work in a clean and safe environment, using only the latest technology and materials. You and your patients can take comfort in knowing that we adhere to the highest standards. Call Yes! Dental Lab today.

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