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Your Dental Lab in New York is Preferable to One Offshore

August 18, 2017

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dental lab in New YorkMade in America takes on new meaning when you’re discussing the quality of a dental crown or bridge. Although the cost of ordering prosthetics from an offshore dental lab may be less, chances are neither you or your patients will be satisfied with the results. For strong and beautiful smiles that will make your patients happy, stick with your dental lab in New York.

What is an Offshore Dental Lab?

An offshore dental lab is one that is located in another country. Some labs outsource work to labs overseas because the price is cheaper and it reduces the amount of work that the onshore lab must do.

The Consequences of Outsourcing

So while the cost may go down, the risk goes up when a lab outsources. It’s difficult to know what materials the labs in other countries use. In fact, some of the materials may actually be toxic. Furthermore, the quality of workmanship is difficult to ascertain. Therefore, you never really know whether a crown, bridge or implant is good quality or not. Consequently, patients are apt to be more dissatisfied with the prosthetics dentists provide when they are manufactured in a foreign country.

Why Do Some Dental Labs Outsource?

As often happens, the answer to this question can be answered in one word: money. Cheaper materials that are available to an offshore lab are tempting when the cost of local dental materials keeps rising.

In addition, production costs are less overseas so a stateside lab can order less expensive products and increase their profit. But dental patients end up paying the price of having possibly toxic products in their mouths that can harm their dental, oral and general health.

Furthermore, offshore production can result in bridges or implants that do not fit properly, leading to patient discomfort or even pain.

Is Offshore Production Preventable?

Posssibly. As more and more labs outsource work in an attempt to increase profits, state legislatures are looking at enacting laws requiring labs to reveal where their products are made. Doing so would help dentists protect patient safety and ensure the integrity of their work.

In-House Talent at Your Dental Lab in New York

At Yes! Dental Lab in New York, we have some of the best technicians in the world. They work in a clean environment. The materials they use to handcraft dental prosthetics are 100 percent safe, and the equipment is routinely sterilized.

Ensure your patients good health and put your mind at ease. Trust Yes! Dental Lab to give you fine quality prosthetics.


About the Lab

Yes! Dental Lab is a full-service lab located in Tarrytown, NY. We work in a clean and safe environment, using only the latest technology and materials. You and your patients can take comfort in knowing that we adhere to the highest standards. Call Yes! Dental Lab today.

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