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Tips from Your Dental Lab in New York: 5 Questions to Ask a New Lab

November 23, 2017

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 Dental Lab in New York: 5 Questions to Ask a New LabWould you buy a new car without taking it out for a drive? Without asking the dealer a few basic questions about the car, service and any warranty? Of course not! Well then, you should probably “kick the tires” before you begin working with a new dental lab in New York. Here are five important questions to ask.

Are your materials ADA-approved?

You need to make sure your dental lab uses materials that are manufactured by companies you can trust. Some labs will use nonprecious metals or other substitutes in order to keep their costs down and increase profits. Make sure the IdentAlloy® sticker from the manufacturer is on the invoice to indicate what was used on the case.

For brand name crowns, make sure the lab is authorized for that product. Imitation zirconia crowns, for example, that cost far less are often substituted for the real thing. If the price is lower, then chances are the quality is too.

Are genuine manufacturer parts and hardware used for implant restorations?

There are many sub-par implant manufacturers out there. You want to know that the lab you’re working with uses genuine implant manufacturer parts. For example, if you ask for a genuine Nobel Biocare bridge that’s what you should receive and not an imitation. If you do receive an imitation and the implant fails, then the manufacturer’s warranty is voided and the dentist is responsible for the remake. Make sure your lab doesn’t use plastic imitation components in order to make more profit.

How is quality control monitored?

If the turnaround time on a case seems to be just a little too quick, then chances are the lab isn’t devoting enough time or care to quality control. Is there someone in the lab in charge of making sure your crown, bridge or dental implant is make to specifications?

Also, find out how many technicians work at the lab? If it seems like too much work is getting done for the number of technicians employed then perhaps quality is suffering. Similarly, find out if the techs are full-time or come in after they’ve worked the day at another lab.

Is any of the work sent offshore?

There are some labs that send their work to labs in China, Korea, India, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, or any other country with low labor and production costs. Most of the time, labs do this without notifying the dentist. And because these countries do not have the FDA or ADA to approve the materials that used, chances are they are of less quality. In fact, lead-laced alloy and porcelain on PFM crowns have been found in the U.S.

Can I visit your lab?

Schedule a time to visit the lab, have a tour and meet the technicians and the quality control manager. Check for cleanliness and strict standards of sterilization. Ask to see the equipment and tools that the technicians use. Check to make sure the implant hardware is genuine.

If you would like to visit Yes! Dental Lab, we’d love to have you. Call to schedule a convenient time.


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