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Dental Lab in New York Gets Better, Faster Results with Digital Technology

December 24, 2017

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Technician working in dental lab in New YorkTechnology is everywhere in our lives and dentistry is no exception. The use of technology allows dentists to give their patients better results. In particular, digital impression scanning helps to ensure the predictability of an outcome, thereby ensuring your patients’ attractive smiles. The dental technicians and ceramists at Yes! Dental Lab in New York often collaborate with dentists via digital impression scanners to achieve the final vision on complex cases. In fact, cosmetic cases often benefit the most from this collaboration that also allows for patient input.

A Case in Point at Yes! Dental Lab in New York

A dentist had a female patient who wanted to improve the appearance of her smile. After traumatic injury to teeth numbers 7 to 9, she got crowns, but was not satisfied with them or the appearance of her own teeth that were stained.

Upon consultation with the dentist, the young woman elected to combine ceramic, full-coverage crowns along with porcelain veneers and gum recontouring. So her dentist electronically sent photographs and a digital impression of his patient to Yes! Dental Lab in New York.

Here, our ceramist generated a digital (virtual) wax-up of the case, which was partially based on a chairside discussion with the patient about her smile design.

From the virtual wax-up a physical model was formed that the dentist used to show his patient how the technologically based vision of her smile would become a reality. In this way, the dentist was able to ensure that the patient’s smile goals would be achieved with the final restorations.

The Advantages of Digital Scanning

The advantages of digital scanning can be seen in both the dentist’s office and in the dental lab. These advantages include:

  • A more comfortable procedure for the patient than a traditional impression
  • If the patient needs a break, scanning can be paused and resumed
  • Once the scan is complete, the dentist can immediately view the digital impression on the chairside monitor
  • Defects or inaccuracies can easily be rescanned
  • Digital impressions can be sent to the lab immediately after the scan is completed
  • Because digital impressions are so accurate, restorations fit better

Final Delivery

When the ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers were delivered, the dentist tried them on the patient to confirm their fit, function and aesthetic appearance. With the patient’s approval, the restorations were resin bonded. The patient was very happy with the results, thanks to her dentist, digital technology and the talent and skill of the ceramist at Yes! Dental Laboratory.


About Yes! Dental Lab

Yes! Dental Lab is a full-service lab located in Tarrytown, NY. We work in a clean and safe environment using only the latest technology and materials. You and your patients can take comfort in knowing that we adhere to the highest standards. Call Yes! Dental Lab today when you want better, faster results!.




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