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Why do Dental Implant Restorations Occasionally Fail?

March 10, 2018

Female lab technician working on denturesNot many surgical procedures have a 95 to 98% success rate. Even the safest treatments can fail occasionally, but dental implants are should be safe and effective surgical tooth replacement treatments that deliver healthy, flawlessly functioning smiles for your patients. However, they do occasionally fail. By understanding the causes of dental implant failure and what you can do to help patients avoid the loss of implants, you can decrease risk and keep your patients’ smiles whole and healthy. In this post, we’ll talk about why dental implants fail and how finding the right dental lab can help decrease risk for lost implants.

Causes of Implant Restoration Failure

There are numerous causes of dental implant failure. These causes are typically referred to as being failure that is “early,” before the attachment of the replacement teeth, and “late,” after the loading of a dental restoration. Common causes of implant failure include:

  • Patient-related issues – poor oral hygiene, inadequate supportive structures, smoking, and health concerns
  • Dentist-related issues – improper implant placement, surgical placement of an implant post into inadequate levels of supportive structures, and loading of replacement teeth too soon before the implants have fully fused with the jawbone
  • Implant-related issues – the dimensions, shape, coating, design, and other features of the implant post are not what is needed to create a lasting dental restoration

How choosing the Right Dental Lab Can Help

This last set of implant failure causes can be entirely avoided when you works with a skilled dental lab. A dental lab that has adequate experience creating high quality dental restorations to your exacting specifications can remove many of the factors associated with implant failure. Ask your dental lab about the results of past tooth replacement procedures using implants crafted by their lab technicians and what materials and technologies the lab uses to craft their dental implants to ensure success.

Meet the Yes! Dental Lab Team

At Yes! Dental Lab of Tarrytown, our team of skilled technicians have years of training and experience creating dental implants and tooth replacement prosthetics that last. If you want to learn more about our lab services, dental implants, and materials, please don’t hesitate to call our Tarrytown dental lab. We are always happy to answer questions for our partner dentists. We look forward to providing high quality, long lasting dental implant posts and flawless tooth replacement restorations to completely repair damaged smiles from the roots up.

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