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Implant Restorations: Why is YES! Better?

April 9, 2018

Implant supported crown and bridge restorationsWhen you add a complex dentistry service like dental implant supported tooth replacement to your practice, you don’t want to work with just any dental lab to craft your replacement teeth. At the YES! Dental Laboratory, we are dedicated to providing every dentist flawless, natural looking, perfectly fitted restorations for dental implant treatment plans. With decades of dental lab experience, we can recreate your patients’ smiles and allow you to offer seamless implant supported tooth replacement plans.

Benefits of Working with YES!

Working with any dental lab has unique advantages. When you work with YES! Dental Laboratory, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • We have most of the implant tooth replacement components available in stock so there’s no wait for parts orders
  • We do it all even complex hybrid dentures, bar overdentures, and implant bridges
  • We offer custom abutments and milled titanium abutments
  • We can use both digital and physical bite impressions to craft restorations

What Makes Us Different

In addition to these benefits, there are two things we do differently than other labs. Frist, we offer completely integrated treatment plans to ensure exceptional results. Our implants, ceramics, and dentures department all coordinate treatment planning together. Other labs have little to no communication between departments, making complex cases difficult and leading to more chance of human error and often delivering lower quality results. Second, we have Lawrence Johnson on our team. Lawrence has more than four decades of dental lab experience under his belt, and he has been designing and crafting restorations for implant cases since they first became widely used in the 1980s. You’ll be hard pressed to find a dental lab technician with more implant experience than Lawrence. To ensure you feel completely confident throughout your dental implant treatment planning, Lawrence is available to work directly with dentists to assist in planning their implant supported restorations. Throughout the design, crafting, and placement process, Lawrence and every member of the YES! Dental Laboratory team are here to help dentists provide their patients with the beautiful smiles they deserve.

Meet the YES! Dental Laboratory Team

At YES! Dental Laboratory, we are happy to offer custom restorations using quality materials for even the most complex cases. If you’re looking to offer patients natural looking, feeling, and functioning implant supported tooth replacement, it’s time to partner with the team at YES! Dental Laboratory. Give our team a call to learn more. We’re always happy to answer your questions. Located in Tarrytown, we work with dentist across the nation to deliver flawless restorations.

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