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4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Dental Lab

August 7, 2018

Two people reviewing paperworkIf you’re opening a new dental office or just looking for a dental lab to provide higher quality services, the best way to start the search is to schedule an interview with the owner or other representative who runs the lab. However, many dentists don’t know where to start the interview. What should you even ask? In this post, the YES! Dental Laboratory team will discuss some of the questions that are most important to ask in order to help dentists build appropriate expectations about working with our team or any other dental laboratory. We do our utmost to offer exceptional quality lab services for our dental practices, and we always welcome dentists and dentistry team members to call us with questions about our lab practices. We’re here to help!

1 – What Dental Office Technologies are You Compatible With?

If you use a specific digital dentistry technology, finding a dental lab that has compatible tools is important. It saves time, reduces risk for human error, and improves the precision of results for you and your patients.

2 – What are Your Average Turn Around Times?

At YES! Dental Laboratory, we pride ourselves on offering fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We provide high quality, consistent laboratory services that you can rely on, but our skilled team is able to perform efficiently, delivering fast and flawless results.

3 – What is Your Lab’s Continuing Education Policy?

Like dentists, dental lab technicians need to stay up-to-date on all the latest advances in the field. Staying on the cutting edge of dental lab technology and maintaining a high level of skill means devoting time to education each year. Ask about your dental lab’s team members and what their continuing education policies are.

4 – Can I Visit the Lab for a Tour?

Many dentists tell us that if they can get a patient to visit their office, they can show that patient exactly why their dental practice is better than any other. We couldn’t agree more. At YES! Dental Laboratory, we know that if you come in to visit us, you’ll see exactly why we’re the right dental lab for you and your patients.

Meet the YES! Dental Laboratory Team

At YES! Dental Laboratory of Tarrytown, we offer dentists knowledgeable, efficient lab services. Our lab technicians and team members are all experienced professionals, and we take pride in the flawless, high quality products we provide for dental offices in New York, southern Connecticut, and across the US. When you’re ready to get to know us a little better and learn more about the dental laboratory services we provide, please call our Tarrytown lab. We’ll be happy to answer questions, schedule an interview appointment, or fit you in to visit our lab for a tour.

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