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5 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a New Dental Lab

September 8, 2019

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You’ve worked with the same dental lab for years. In the past, they have produced decent appliances and restorations, but you wonder whether you should start looking for a new dental lab. After all, whether you like it or not, the restorations that you place in your patients’ mouths reflect on your practice. Well, if you are experiencing any of the following issues, it may be time for a change.

Unexplained Delays

In this digital age, you can send information faster than ever before, enabling quicker turnaround times. However, if your dental lab is taking longer than usual to deliver the restorations, your patients can feel impatient if they are left waiting with an awkward or uncomfortable temporary restoration. When delays become a trend, it is time to shop around for a new dental lab.

Frequent Rework

With the advent of digital impressions systems has come more accuracy and better restoration design. As a result, in theory anyway, your dental lab should reduce the instances when they need to revise a restoration to fit perfectly. Occasionally rework is needed, despite all the technician’s skills and experience. If you find yourself sending restorations back for rework more often than you should, start looking for a new dental lab.

Lower Quality

One of the clearest signs of a high-quality dental lab is the quality of their work. Unfortunately, some labs choose to cut on costs by sacrificing the quality of the materials or hiring unskilled ceramists, which can lead to unnatural, unrealistic-looking restorations. Find a dental lab that stands behind the products they make and charges a fair price for their appliances and restorations.

Poor Communication

In many cases, you serve as the so-called “middle man” between the dental lab and the patient. If you aren’t getting clear communication from the dental lab, you won’t be able to help the patent know when to expect their restoration. You should always be able to collaborate and talk with your dental lab so that you produce restorations and appliances that your patients love.

Lack of State-of-the-Art Technology

Is your dental lab stuck in the past? Although they shouldn’t necessarily change with every shiny, brand new technology that comes out, they should remain updated with advanced devices and software that make production faster, more accurate, and more effective. For example, they should be able to accept and work with digital impressions and use CAD/CAM software.

In the end, you and your patients need to feel satisfied with your dental lab’s performance. Otherwise, you could end up with frustrated patients who decide to visit another dental practice. It’s important to watch out for these signs so that you can make a smart change when necessary and ensure that your practice continues t o be successful.

About YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc.

YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Lawrence Johnson and Evan Krouse, who have a combined total of 60 years of experience in the field. Using CAD/CAM software and multiple brands of digital impressions, including iTero and 3M True Definition, YES! can create 3D models of the patients’ mouths to create the perfect fit the first time. They work hard to deliver the final products in a timely manner. To contact them with questions, call (914) 333-7550 or click here.

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