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Amazing Technology That Your Dental Lab Should Have

October 26, 2019

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Do you talk to Alexa at home? Is your smart phone smarter than you are? These advancements make tasks faster, easier, and more effective. Every day it seems, technology seems to make leaps and bounds forward, and the world of dental technology is no different. You may even have some impressive technology in your practice. Your dental lab in New York also has access to incredibly impressive devices that improve the quality of restorations. Below you’ll find information about just two that are making a huge impact for dental practices.

CAD/CAM Milling

For years, the military has had access to computer-aided designing and milling (CAD/CAM) software, and now your dental lab can use it too. This technology comes in handy for creating both custom restorations and implant abutments in a short amount of time. And what’s more, dental labs can use many kinds of materials, including titanium, metal-free zirconia, and much more, with this milling technology. Basically, this means that the dental lab can customize their products according to patients’ needs more than ever before.

One of the amazing benefits of CAD/CAM technology is that what would traditionally take four to six weeks to fabricate can be produced within hours. In addition, speed at the milling stage of the process allows dental lab technicians to take time in designing and refining details for the restoration to make sure that it will fit properly and look truly customized for the patient.

Digital Impression Systems

In the past, impressions had to be taken with dental putty. Not only was this method messy and uncomfortable for the patient, but it also often led to inaccuracies in the restoration, which meant sending it back for rework. However, many dental practices these days use digital technology to collect impressions. Basically, a small scanner takes precise measurements of the mouth and puts together a 3D image and model that the dental lab technician can use to design the restoration or appliance. Common brands of digital impression systems available nowadays include iTero and 3M True Definition.

Because of the growing popularity of this new way of obtaining impressions, the dental lab you work with needs to be able to handle these files and information. They should be well versed in this technology so that they can create restorations that are the perfect fit the first time around.

Technology will only continue to improve with time, and your dental lab needs to be right on the cutting edge of these advancements, taking advantage of those that truly benefit dental practices and patients with faster, better results. Before you partner with a dental lab, make sure it prioritizes innovative technology in order to provide restorations that you and your patients love.

About YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc.

Since opening in 2008, YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc., has stayed up to date on the most innovative and effective technology available in dentistry. However, they haven’t jumped on every bandwagon, using only those that show great potential and promise to benefit dental practices. To learn more about the technology that YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc. uses, you can call (914) 333-7550 or click here.

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