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4 Problems with Working with an Overseas Dental Lab

November 15, 2019

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As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways that you can maximize your profits. You’re working hard to establish a loyal patient base for your dental practice, but you wonder whether you could save money by switching to an overseas dental lab for your restorations and oral appliances. At first glance, these cheaper dental labs can look like an attractive option, but you’ll find that there’s a reason for the smaller price tag. In this blog post, you’ll learn four disadvantages of working with an overseas dental lab and why you should pick a high-quality dental lab in New York.

Higher Risk of Low Quality Results

Although not every domestic dental lab guarantees the same level of quality, you run the risk of getting lower quality products when you choose an overseas dental lab. The fact is that these labs do not have to follow the same health and safety standards as domestic sources, which opens your patients to inferior or unsafe materials. Plus, overseas labs may also employ less qualified technicians to create the products in order to cut the cost. By choosing a dental lab that has a proven ability to produce quality restorations and oral appliances, you can give yourself and your patients some peace of mind.

More Difficult Rework

As advanced as technology is these days, sometimes the restoration or oral appliance needs to be adjusted and sent back for rework. Domestic labs tend to be much more accessible and can quickly receive the product, discuss the problem with you, and correct it. Working with overseas dental labs, in contrast, entails longer wait periods with the hope that it turns out right the next time.

Less Efficient Communication

Sometimes, creating the perfect restoration requires collaboration between the dental lab and the dentist. Together they can design a product that fits properly and looks natural. This collaboration and communication becomes significantly more complex if you have to work with an offshore dental lab. Not only do you have to deal with different time zones, but you may also have to navigate through a cultural or language barrier. These complications can lengthen the time it takes to produce the restoration and give you unnecessary stress.

Slower Shipping

Patients can be understandably anxious to have their restoration or oral appliance complete and ready for use as soon as possible. When you turn to a domestic dental lab, you can have restorations and oral appliances shipped to your office within a couple of days. However, if these products have to travel halfway around the world, it makes sense that shipping them would take much longer.

In the end, you want to make sure that your patient leaves your office satisfied with their experience. If they have to return sooner than expected because of a failed product or because of rework, they can get a negative impression of your practice. Over time, that can hurt your bottom line. Working with a trusted domestic lab can help you provide the best possible care for your patients.

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