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4 Reasons Why Digital Impressions Are Worth the Investment

November 27, 2019

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In your practice and continuing education, you try to stay up-to-date with new innovations in the dentistry field, but you aren’t going to jump on the bandwagon for every new gadget out there. You want to make sure the technology works and will actually benefit your practice. When it comes to impressions, you’re considering switching to a digital system, but is it really worth the expense and effort to change your practice’s processes? Read on to learn four advantages that a digital impression system has over the traditional way of collecting impressions.

More Comfort for Your Patient

One of the primary complaints about traditional putty impressions is that they are uncomfortable and unpleasant for the patient. Especially if they have a sensitive gag reflex, the time taking the impressions can be very challenging for everyone involved. In contrast, to collect necessary measurements and information inside the mouth with digital technology, you use a small, hand-held device. This means that your patient can sit back, relax, and have a more enjoyable dental experience in your office.

More Accurate Data

Impressions are essential when it comes to creating personalized restorations or oral appliances for a specific patient. If the impressions are incorrect, it could easily affect how the product feels in the patient’s mouth, and unfortunately, human error is a common risk with traditional impressions. Even team members who have been working in the dental profession for years can make mistakes. Although technology isn’t perfect all the time, errors occur less frequently with digital impressions than with manual ones. As a result, you’re more likely to get the right fit from the beginning.

Less Frustrating Rework

When a restoration or appliance doesn’t fit properly, it often has to be sent back to the dental lab to be adjusted. This can add more time to your patient’s treatment time, which can be irritating for them and for you. Then, your patient will have to return to your office to have it placed—again. These extra steps can lead the patient to have a negative impression of your practice, potentially motivating them to go elsewhere in the future.

Faster Turnaround Time

Thanks to digital technology, the impression files can be sent to a dental lab on the same day that the impressions were taken, allowing the dental lab to start working on production sooner. Plus, by avoiding rework and getting the fit right the first time, your office can work more efficiently and streamline treatments, bringing in more patients and helping your bottom line.

Ultimately, a digital impression system can be a useful asset for your dental practice and help you provide better care for your patients. Although it can require some adjustment for you and your team to implement a new way of doing things, going digital for impressions can make a big difference in your practice’s productivity and profits.

About YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc.

With decades of industry experience, the experts at YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc. know that digital technology plays an integral role in many practices both now and in the future. They can accept digital impressions from six of the leading systems, including iTero, 3M True Definition, E4D, and more. If you have questions about digital impressions, you can contact YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc. by calling (914) 333-7550 or clicking here.

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