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4 Reasons Dental Labs Hire Creative People

December 20, 2019

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Creating Dental Crowns

What kind of people work at a dental lab? Obviously, the technicians will be very knowledgeable when it comes to dentistry and will focus on precision when creating restorations. However, while it may not be obvious at first glance, a dental laboratory is an excellent place for creative people – the kind who went to school for art – to work. Here are just 4 reasons why the lab you use values creativity – and how that works in your practice’s favor.

1. Creating Dental Restorations is Artisan Work

Many of the steps in creating quality restorations fall under artisan work. For example, when creating a crown, a technician needs to be able to mix the plaster to make it and paint it so that it matches the shade of natural teeth. Obviously, a creative person will be highly suited to performing these tasks. Artistic skills can be applied to many of a technician’s everyday duties, including creating models of a patient’s mouth, building and shaping false teeth, and repairing dentures and other dental devices.

2. Dental Labs Need People with Good Hand-Eye Coordination

People who love to paint or knit tend to have excellent hand-eye coordination; in other words, they can use their hands and sight to more easily perform tasks that require speed and accuracy. Lab technicians work with brushes, molding devices, and other tools that require a precise touch. Creative people tend to have improved dexterity and thus are highly suited to performing such delicate tasks.

3. Creative People Tend to Have Better Color Perception

Not every restoration will be the same shade of white. Each patient is different and will need crowns, dentures, or bridges that have been colored to look as natural as possible in their mouths. As such, color matching is a vital aspect of making a dental appliance. A good dental lab technician will have an eye for color that can easily discern different shades so that they can create crowns and bridges that blend right in with the rest of a patient’s smile.

4. Attention to Detail

In dentistry, the smallest details matter. It’s important for the upper and lower teeth to align properly for maximum dental comfort, which is why dental occlusion needs to be considered when designing crowns and dentures. Good lab technicians will be able to take tiny measurements and hone in on the smallest details to ensure that the restoration is a perfect fit. This is one more area where a creative eye is extremely useful.

When a lab encourages a creative working environment, the result is highly attractive, well-made restorations that will leave your patients satisfied with their new smiles. If you are in the market for a new dental lab, try to find one that prioritizes creativity in its employees.

About YES! Dental Laboratory, Inc.

YES! Dental Lavoratory, Inc. was established by Lawrences Johnson and Evan Krouse, both of whom have decades of experience working with dental technology. We employ some of the country’s most talented ceramicists and technicians who produce one-of-a-kind dental restorations using their creative skills and artistic eyes. If you’re interested in working with yes, you can call (914) 333-7550 or click here.

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