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Esthetic Dental Restorations

Porcelain fused to metal and full gold crowns used to be the standard of care. This is no longer the case as every restoration now must pass an esthetic test. More than 75% of the esthetic restorations we create are metal-free, and full contour zirconia is the fastest-growing restoration in the history of dentistry.

The esthetic value of restorations has become a cornerstone of dental care. More and more patients want to see a natural smile in the mirror, not visible areas of metal. Importantly, today’s modern materials can provide the strength and esthetics required for all quadrants of the mouth. Led by Jason Gleason, our Esthetics Team is able to provide an unmatched blend of artistry and technology. Whether it is a case for your AACD Certification or a single, full contour zirconia crown, we invite you to experience the benefits of the Esthetics Team at YES!

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Case Planning

Every successful, large case starts with a plan, and we are happy to provide free guidance and insights that help your vision become reality. Whether the treatment plan requires restoration of a full arch or only a single tooth replacement, our team of professionals creates a completely customized approach to meet the unique needs of each patient. Additionally, we can help choose the proper materials and provide diagnostic models that guide the treatment protocol.


An accurate, beautiful diagnostic model is often critical to case acceptance. It also provides the road-map to ensure the vision is achievable. For many patients, it can be difficult to visualize the impact of the finished product until they see it on a model or in their own mouth.

Our diagnostic models offer several benefits, including:

  • They serve as a clear and precise patient education tool.
  • They make it possible for the pre-preparation transfer of the diagnostic work to the patient’s mouth through our innovative shim transfer service.
  • They result in higher case acceptance, increased patient satisfaction and fewer post-seat adjustments.
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Cosmetic dental provisionals


Leading clinicians often spend more time perfecting their provisionals than with the final restorations. While they do protect the prepared teeth throughout treatment, their role is much more important. They enable us to perfect the nuances of the actual restoration, from color to shape to length to function. In addition, patients are able to “test-drive” their new smile and are often more satisfied with the beautiful, final results when they have had time to become accustomed to their new look and feel. YES! is equipped to play an active role in this iterative process.

Custom Shades

We understand the challenges of recreating nature, and we are proud to offer an in-lab, shade-taking service. Our expert ceramists will meet personally with your patients and make sure we are able to match even the toughest shades. We utilize a combination of technology and personal ability, and we evaluate restoration selection as part of this process. After all, your patients deserve esthetic restorations that are as unique and personalized as their original smiles.

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Laminate Veneers

Veneers are an important restorative option within all successful, cosmetic practices. There are numerous restorative options, and we have technicians who specialize in each.

  • Hand-Layered Laminates. Using the time-tested platinum foil technique, our technicians create the thinnest, most versatile veneers available. Multiple porcelain powders allow us to mask underlying colors with minimal thickness and to incorporate the finest esthetic nuances. Even the most discerning patients will be amazed by the stunning results.
  • Pressed Ceramic. The latest materials make it possible for our team to create veneers that rival the esthetics of hand-layered laminates with 3x’s the strength. In most cases, we are able to cut-back the incisal edge and layer multiple powders to create natural mamelons and translucency. In general, these restorations are also easier to work with chairside.

EMAX All-Ceramic Restorations

Beautiful, durable, and extremely versatile, e.max is the only all-ceramic system that allows crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays to be fabricated from the same material. We can create these strong, beautiful restorations through pressing or milling, and they can be cemented using both conventional and adhesive bonding methods (depending on location in the mouth). Over the past 20 years, IPS Empress and EMAX have become the standard of care for esthetic dentists world-wide.

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CAD/CAM systems

CAD/CAM Full Contour Zirconia

Full zirconia is the fastest-growing restoration in the history of dentistry for a reason. It is incredibly strong, very accurate and offers metal-free esthetics. Of equal importance, the restorations are predictably priced. The core of these systems is a material called zirconium oxide which has been used for things as diverse as space shuttle parts and artificial hips. Extensive research has proven it to be both biocompatible and virtually unbreakable.

More than 90% of labs in the United States rely on outside milling centers to fabricate their full contour zirconia restorations. At YES!, we are different. And, we are proud to be in the top 10% of all dental laboratories as a result. To be honest, we made the investment in the Amann Girbach CAD/CAM system because we could not find a source of outsourced product that met our specifications.

Since our Ceramill™ system was installed in 2012, we have not looked back. Our technicians have completed extensive, hands-on training, and they are proud that the Amann Girbach system combines the best scanning technology with the most accurate milling system and the finest, most life-like materials. We encourage you to download an article that recently appeared in the journal, Inside Dental Technology, and we welcome you to experience the difference of a full contour zirconia restoration from YES!

Traditional Crown & Bridge

Though new materials and technology point to the continued decline in traditional crown and bridge work, it is still a very important component of what we do. Our team of experts provides the foundation for every case, and there are many situations where the strength and accuracy of metal is preferred. From fabricating models to trimming dies, all of our restorations are 100% made in the USA. We wax, cast, finish and build porcelain right here in Tarrytown, NY.

While often hidden, the materials and techniques used by this team have a huge impact on the success of our work. We are proud to use the finest investments and latest induction casting technology. Our models are created exclusively from Noritake Super Rock die stone, and we only Argen alloys. Every case is returned with an Identalloy certificate of authenticity.

Dental crowns and bridges
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