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Removable Dental Restorations

While esthetics cases provide the sizzle for many of our clients, removable restorations provide the substance. This team has one, simple goal. . . to get you to look forward to your next full or partial denture patient. We believe that removable cases can be predictable and profitable, and they often attract a patient population looking for a better solution. This quest leads to implant-retained prosthetics and other integrated treatment plans. Best of all, we are available to guide you every step of the way.

Removable Restorations Tarrytown Carlos Alvarez from YES!
Full upper denture

Full Dentures

It is critical that edentulous patients feel secure and confident in their smiles. This starts with a great impression and continues with accurate bite records and efficient try-ins. We focus on recreating both soft tissue and teeth that mimic nature, and we utilize the finest materials to accomplish this goal.

Cast Metal Partials

In certain circumstances, a traditional partial denture is the right treatment option. Our cast partials are surveyed and designed to fit and offer acceptable esthetics. This team is also responsible for fabricating precision partials which utilize a wide range of attachments.

Cast metal partial
Flexible partial dentures

Flexible Partials

In many ways, flexible partials are the “full contour zirconia” of removables. They started as a niche product and have moved more main stream as materials have improved and patient expectations have changed. Valplast remains our material of choice, and it provides patients with a partial denture that is comfortable, functional and metal-free. Some of the benefits for Flexible Partials from YES! include:

  • They are affordable.
  • Quick turnaround is possible.
  • Patient compliance is much higher. . . patients actually wear their flexible partials.
  • There is a wide variety of soft tissue shades, including the option of custom mixes.
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