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Advanced Dental Restoration Technology

Since YES! was founded in 2008, utilization of the latest dental technology has been an important part of our success. However, we do not jump on every trend. Our leadership team carefully evaluates new systems and materials with one thought in mind. Will it benefit our customers and their patients?

If the answer is yes, we integrate the technology into YES!

More importantly, we make a commitment to help our clients understand and maximize the benefits of the technology. It does us no good to spend lots of money and time on a cool new product if a majority of our customers do not use it. With this in mind, we are pleased to feature three distinct technologies that all make a positive difference in our lab and your practice.

Dental Technology Tarrytown iTero handtool

Dental abutment machine

Custom Implant Abutments

YES! is one of very few dental laboratories in the United States with the capability to design our own custom abutments via CAD/CAM software before sending the files to be milled. This enables Lawrence and his team to combine their vast expertise with cutting-edge technology to achieve the best possible results. We work with all of the most trusted names in the implant industry, but we complete almost all of our custom abutments with two systems.

Atlantis Implant Abutments – Atlantis utilizes 3D imaging, CAD/CAM technology, and a precision milling process to create beautiful abutments that are individualized to fit each specific patient and the desired crown. Titanium, gold-shaded titanium, metal-free zirconia, and other materials are available.

Procera Abutments – Available in titanium or zirconia, Procera abutments are always painstakingly customized, and they can be utilized with a variety of implant systems, including Nobel, 3i, Camlog, Astra Tech, Straumann and Zimmer. Procera abutments are often considered ideal when it comes to difficult cases and edentulous patients because they can be developed at virtually any angle, taper or height.

CAD/CAM Full Contour Zirconia

More than 90% of labs in the United States rely on outside milling centers to fabricate their full contour zirconia restorations. At YES!, we are different. And, we are proud to be in the top 10% of all dental laboratories as a result. To be honest, we made the investment in the Amann Girbach CAD/CAM system because we could not find a source of outsourced product that met our specifications.

Since our Ceramill™ system was installed in 2012, we have not looked back. Our technicians have completed extensive, hands-on training, and they are proud that the Amann Girbach system combines the best scanning technology with the most accurate milling system and the finest, most life-like materials. We encourage you to download an article that recently appeared in the journal, Inside Dental Technology, and we welcome you to experience the difference of a full contour zirconia restoration from YES!

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Digital Impressions

This is the way of the future. However, every practice must answer the question of when the future starts. For many of our customers, it has already started. Today, more and more clinicians are investing in the convenience and speed of digital impression systems. Many of these clinicians were already taking exceptional impressions and made the decision as much for competitive reasons as for clinical ones. Without a doubt, these systems have the potential to streamline workflow, improve quality, reduce remakes and save chairtime.

Having something new to differentiate your practice and positive patient feedback are also key benefits. Many patients find the digital scanning much more comfortable than traditional impression methods, and positive word-of-mouth is created. Currently, we do not see much cost savings at the practice level – especially once the capital investment is taken into account.

At YES! Dental Lab, we accept digital impressions from all six of the leading digital impression systems, and we help you learn a little more about the four most common systems below. Of course, we welcome your specific questions, concerns and feedback. Contact us at 1-888-YES-1080 to learn more!


iTero was the first true digital impression system sold in the U.S., and it remains the market leader. Without a doubt, it helps minimize the need for tedious chairside adjustments by taking detailed, 3D digital impressions for implant and restorative cases. Additionally, you can make necessary adjustments in real time and transmit files wirelessly to our team so that we can get to work right away on creating your abutments and other restorations according to your detailed specifications. This sophisticated and flexible system can completely revitalize the way you work! Practices using iTero currently are welcome to contact Align Technology directly and add YES! Dental Laboratory to their list of “Favorite Labs.”

iTero machine and system
3M True Definiton machine and system

3M True Definition

This system from 3M offers a strong mix of accuracy, flexibility and control on a truly open platform. It is precise enough to be used for chairside milling, orthodontics and implants. At the same time, its file structure and software enables sharing with almost every other hardware device. It also offers various plans that make it affordable for all types of practices. According to 3M-supported studies, restorations fabricated base on their scans fit 99.7% of the time which is more consistently accurate than any other scanner. The True Definition is indicated for long-span bridges, multi-unit cases and full-arch dentistry.


Create excellent digital impressions with E4D Technologies. This integrated system provides everything you need to deliver faster, smoother dentistry to your patients. It combines the ability to fabricate restorations chairside with the option of sending the impressions for larger cases directly to YES! Even full-arch cases can be captured accurately. Here in Tarrytown, we are happy to collaborate as we carry your data through the design and fabrication stages. Your scans and case files can be sent through the E4D Sky network which enables you to export them in an open file format (.stl).

E4D system for digital impression
3Shape TRIOS machine


With shade measurement, HD photos, and other enhanced features, the TRIOS® scanner from 3Shape is a multifunctional technology that is setting a new standard for digital impression systems. 3Shape Communicate is the software that drives the system, and the TRIOS order forms can be customized to match specific requirements. This makes it easy for you to create new orders and clearly communicate all the relevant information concerning each case. Our technicians receive digital impressions only minutes after your scanning is complete. In turn, we are able to design your restorations and share a 3-D model of the case with you before we begin the fabrication process.

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